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The Puppies Arrived via Emergency c-section

I am very pleased to announce that the Miro X Ella litter is officially on the ground!  Now the rest of the story…Image




Her temperature dropped on schedule and stayed down but nothing happened.  And I do mean nothing! I am so grateful to Connie Whan for sticking it out with me through a couple of long nights, and being willing to say, “we need to do something!”  So yesterday we headed to the vet for a consult.  It was quickly determined that the puppies had strong heat beats, progesterone indicated they were ready to be delivered, and the x-ray indicated one, more on him later, was sideways covering the opening to the birth canal.  So needless to say, nothing was going anywhere.  (Again, thanks Connie for continuing to ask all the right questions! I can’t even imagine making it through the last couple of days without your wisdom and kindness)

Well less than an hour later, we heard a squeal from the operating room…”I like that one, much laughter and then the ringing cry, they are all breathing!”   You can’t even imagine my relief and joy.  Just a few short minutes later, I was gazing a this beautiful litter of 8!  (Yes, 8, one more than expected, but what a gift!)  Connie called it star-gazing!  We had 4 females (all brindles), 4 males (2 brindles, 2 reds possible sables).   

Everyone is thriving.  Ella figured out quickly how to be a good momma and the puppies all figured out how to latch on and drink the good stuff.

And a final note on the one puppy holding the entire litter from progressing…He has a name:  Riverbend Arsenal of Strength.  The litter theme is our beloved Pool of the Mississippi.  We are home to Arsenal Island, so it only seems fitting to give this powerful guy a powerful name!

7 Responses

  1. Congrats! It looks like a beautiful litter!

  2. What a relief to have them all there and safe. It is frightening when it’s time for whelping and nothing is happening. Ella looks like she won the lottery.

  3. Congratulations !!!! Mother and babies look beautiful and healthy 🙂 Were you expecting the red pups ?

    • Jill, No I wasn’t expecting reds, but Connie assures me that she was as Miro had red litter mates as did Levi’s (Miro’s dad) litter. I’m kind of surprised but I am really liking the red color, and I have always been a brindle girl!

      • That makes sense then if Miro & Levi had red pups prior to this beautiful litter. Anyway, in the very unlikely event that Rocky or Arnie are pet quality and need a home, keep us in mind since Dora would love a little brother.

      • Jill, you and Jim are a wonderful home and I will definitely keep you in mind!

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