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One week

I can’t believe it has been a week.  The babies have all grown, and a great deal of excitement has accompanied the week, but I’ll elaborate on that later. They are all thriving and growing like crazy.   I’ll post better pictures in a bit but for now, you get a sense of their progress.


Mississippi Rising








(sorry Krystal, he was being super squirmy!  I’ll post better pictures of him tomorrow!)

Bonfire on the Canal

(again super squirmy…we will try again tomorrow!)

Olathea means beautiful place. The Ojibwa named the hill we live on Olathea.


Princeton Narrow aka Prince



Unfortunately as I come to the end of this post,  I am saddened to report that Arnie (Arsenal of Defense) did not make it.  We had a severe medical crisis.  It appeared that my beloved partner, Kathy was having a stroke, so we called the medics.  The first responders and medics arrived to take care of Kathy, while they were loading her into the ambulance, I called for a friend to come and take care of the puppies and Ella.  I checked the kids and headed out to follow the ambulance to emergency.  Our dear friend arrived a short 20 mins later, but in the stress of me being gone, the chaos of the lights and sirens…Ella rolled over on Arnie.

First let me say, Kathy did not have a stroke but was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.  This was a huge relief and she will recover fully!  But to say that I was devastated by losing Arnie would be an understatement.  I laid our big red boy to rest in our butterfly garden.  I know I  will meet this sweet red boy again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

3 Responses

  1. Beautiful puppies. I’m very sorry about the little boy. I’m glad Kathy is doing better. What a scare!

  2. So sorry to hear about the health scare with with Kathy. Is her speech or facial expression ok ? Poor Arnie …

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