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Dura-Whelp from Breeder Base

Kathy bought me a Dura-Whelp whelping bed from an outfit called Breeder Base.  She also go the non-light emitting heat lamp and cradle, as well as, the weaning pen.  As soon as we set it up I was reasonably sure it was going to work like a dream and be super easy to clean.  It has preformed beyond my wildest expectations!

It is made of corragated plastic, and the floor is covered with a “sheep skin” like pad that is velcroed to the all 4 corners.  I can remove the pad, wipe the sides, rail, floor, and replace the pad in less than 5 mins.  The uncomplicated cleaning process allows the babies to be comfy cozy in a box on a warm towel and back in their temporary “house” in a flash.

I can’t recommend these products highly enough!

For some silly reason the link won’t attach so here it is  www.breederbase.com


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