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More Puppy Play

I know we have turned a corner in their development as Ella started playing with them today. Unfortunately I didn’t get that on video!

7 Responses

  1. My goodness, my heart is exploding with joy from all the cuteness. I can’t wait to spoil my little furbaby.. ❤

  2. How I look forward to my puppy fix every day, thank you !!!!
    PS Dora the Explorer got a pedicure today at the pet boutique. From the way she acted, you’d think all the toes were cut off ! Poor thing doesn’t like people messing with her toes after she broke a nail and the vet worked on her hind paw.

  3. It looks like the puppies have moved to a larger apartment. Many thanks, Kim! You are wonderful.

  4. What a beautiful group of puppies Kim. You must be over the moon. Oh dear I’m having puppy envy!

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