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Last one…I promise

2 Responses

  1. Keep ’em coming! I can’t get enough of the videos and pictures! 😀
    They’re so floppy.. I love it.

  2. Hello, I’m from N. Dakota and have a Cardigan Corgi named Merlin. He’s a brindle and we have been owners of Cardigan Corgies for about 20 years. Seeing your puppies pictures just reminds me so much of my first time being with corgi pups. What a wonderful powerful nostalgic feeling. Thank you for posting them. We’ve thought about getting another companion for us in the future. I’ll keep your website in mine. I just wanted to say thanks for the video. Here’s a video of a solar collector I made, just skip the first couple of minutes and go to the end, where you can see “Merlin” playing with some balls in the back yard. thanks

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