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Four Weeks Today!

The babies are four (4) weeks today.  The learning curve has been very steep.  But I have been so fortunate to have a friend and mentor, Connie Whan.  At every turn she has been available for advise, guidance and support. Her 40+ years of experince in our breed has made my adventure into my first litter so much easier. Not only did she hang out at my house when we were waiting for babies, she came through in a pinch and arrived in minutes when we had a crisis!  And beyond that she helped me figure out what to look for in a whelping box to when to move the babies into the x-pen, Connie has provided good guidance!  And when I was too much of a novice to even ask the questions, Connie has said, “at this age I…”  My endless thanks for all her support and caring!

Four week pictures!  Not the best, as they are quite squirmy!

Bonnie...4 wks


Missy...4 wks









2 Responses

  1. Is Missy not as long as the others, or is it just the angle she’s standing?
    Bonnie looks a lot longer in comparison.

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