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Riverbend Princeton Narrows

Now I know I said I wasn’t going to make any decisions about puppies until Friday, but sometimes a girl gets to change her mind!   I am so very pleased to announce that Riverbend Princeton Narrows is heading north.  No, not a little north, but NORTH!

It is a home I know well!  A home that understands cardigans to their core.  A home that offers it all..performance, herding, and is willing to show, should the little guy merit it!  I couldn’t be more pleased to send Princeton North of the Border to live with the most wonderful family of Sandie, Don, Nell and Dinah!

I know from experience that Sandie will send photos and videos so I can watch the lil’ guy grow up!   Again I couldn’t be happier for Princeton, Sandie and Don!









One Response

  1. My goodness, they have basically doubled in size since I’ve seen them!

    Congrats to Prince and his new family!

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