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More Visitors!

We had a wonderful visit from Missy and Chas.  What a fun weekend for the kiddos, and us!  I really appreciate all the puppy wrangling, great cheese and conversation. (Without a doubt, I can no longer take the kiddos out as a pack of 7 without help, as they are too fast, and can get into too much trouble.  So they will be going out in smaller packs and then they can all go out together when  Kathy gets home from work!)

Krystal and Jason stopped by on Saturday for some food, pictures and puppy snuggling!  We sure appreciate all the love that is showered on the kiddos!

Krystal took a ton of great pictures so there will probably be a series of slide shows!  Ok without further ado…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. Beautiful pictures!! The babies have gotten so big!! Looks like a handful or two of fun!! 🙂

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