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It is beautiful day to play outside…

Another beautiful day at Riverbend.   I went a little Rocky heavy in the picture department, but in my defense, with him leaving on Saturday, I am picture loading for my separation!  He will be loved and cherished by Linda D., and she has promised pictures and Rocky stories to feed my soul!

Also when I took the second group out, my camera battery indicated it was too low to shot.  Drats!

But we had a big break through today.  Ever since I started taking the kiddos outside, I have been running across the yard, singing, pup, pup, pup.  Today, Pip followed me, and right behind was Rocky and Bonnie.  Good dogs!

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One Response

  1. Big good bye kisses to Rocky from Dora 😦
    PS Which one is Pip …. formerly known as Lincoln or Prince ?

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