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I know I have been bad about posting, but seriously it has been very busy at Riverbend!  Between Good Friday and Easter, we sold our cottage and bid an ” until we meet again” to Rocky.

Rocky is adjusting beautifully to life as a farm dog.  He follows Linda every where carrying his “stick”.    He was a little taken aback by the rooster!  (That’s OK Rocka feller… sometimes I am taken aback by roosters too!)

Bonnie/Lyla’s ears are popping up, as are Faith/Nydia’s.  Princeton/Pip is flying North on Thurs, and Bonnie/Lyla will head north on Saturday.  Pip will be hanging out with Rainbow’s sister, Dinah, and Lyla will be hanging out with Courtney and Michaele and engaging in all manner of activities.  I am sure we will see a picture or two of her watching Courtney play softball!

Lincoln and Olathea are staying at Riverbend to grow up a bit more, and the rest of the kiddos will go home after we get back from Nationals!

Ok enough…on with the main event…a slide show of puppy play!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 Responses

  1. SOOOO cute!! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet them!!

  2. Aaaahh! Look at Nadia’s adorable little ear, sticking up like that! Soooo cute~

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