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What a Ride…

Hang on this one is going to be a ride…

We packed up Shaker, Ella, Rainbow, Russ and four (4) puppies (Olathea, Lincoln, Nadia (Faith) and Missy) and headed to Ohio for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Specialty.  We were gone nine (9) wonderful, fun packed days.  The kiddos played in mud, grass, water, learned to potty on leads, travel in an RV, enjoy the sights and sounds of grooming and ring side.  They also all enjoyed being loved up on by TONS of different people.  To add to the fun, they all met the most wonderful momma St. Bernard.  She laid down and let each of the kiddos approach at their own pace.  Of course, they played with other puppies and well mannered cardigans.

On Sunday, we pointed the bus toward home.  The last quarter of the trip was rainy, so I and my fellow  caravan driver were quite tired when we pulled into Riverbend.  Then the real circus began. Move this car, unhook that one, unload and reload this car, put the tow vehicle in the garage, then back the first bus into the driveway, then the second Class C.  All of this was accomplished in a matter of minutes as we were essentially blocking our entrance road!

Just as we finished this crazy round, Kate and Joel arrived to gather their new puppy…Faith now known as Nadia.  Round two…print contracts, gather food, shot records, registration papers, AVID chip info, toys, health certificate, towels…you get the picture.  We were just finishing up with instructions and answering questions, when I remembered we were drying the towel that was to go with Nadia.  I opened the dryer and smoke filled the laundry room!  SMOKE!!!!!  Bless Joel’s heart, he helped us move the dryer out so we could get it unplugged.  I walked Kate, Joel and Nadia to the car, and came back to find SMOKE still billowing out of the dryer.  Kathy called the fire department, and they wanted the RV’s out of the driveway.  Let the circus begin again, except we only got one out before the first fire truck arrived!  We live in a rural area and they arrived in about 3 mins!  WOW!!!!!!!

They pretty quickly determined that it wasn’t the dryer but the belt.  One firefighter asked if we had a big load in the dryer, to which I replied…one hand towel!  We have decided to give up on our 3 yr old Bosch dryer!  Don’t buy a Bosch!!!!!  (We went and bought another front loading only this time an  Electrolux  steam dryer last night)

So we got the Class C back in the driveway, and started, well drinking first, but dinner too!  Then the phone rang and it was Kate.  She wanted to make sure we were alright and to tell us a funny story.  As they were pulling out of our place the fire trucks were rolling in.  We have no street lights, so it was quite dark and Kate’s front right tire went off the pavement and created a loud crunch.  The car tire was completely off the ground…much swearing ensued!  The firefighters saw what happened and stopped.  Six (6) Le Claire firefighters picked up Kate’s car and put it back on the road.  YEAH for rural firefighters!!!!!   Kate reports, “Nadia slept through the whole thing!”  Good dog, Nadia! Or should I just say what she was thinking…”just another day in chaosville!”

Suffice it to say, it is a puppy send off, I will never forget, and I am sure the same is true of Kate and Joel.   Well, Nadia, it is not good bye…it is “until me meet again.”  See ya around the pond, baby girl.

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3 Responses

  1. Hah~! I can’t help but laugh at the whole thing, it was so crazy! Thank you soooo much for letting us pick her up that night, I feel so guilty that we had to show up after you had such a long trip!

    I’m so very blessed to have Nadia home with me now, though. Despite her quite bold and bossy temper at times, she’s quite an angel. She already knows “sit”, “down”, “drop it”, and “come”. I don’t know how much of it was your doing, but she is quite smart regardless!

    I can’t wait until you guys can drive to Omaha and come see her again!

    More pictures coming your way, and hopefully with a better camera soon. 🙂

  2. Oh I am so glad to hear she is settling in! And that bossy, sassy personality came out after her named changed to Nadia! 🙂 Just saying! Cheers Kate! Enjoy that baby!

  3. wow what a zoo this must have been ! I’m sure the corgis were extra quiet during this time to help out ….

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