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It’s Official…

Yesterday I broke down the living room puppy pen, rolled up the vinyl, swept, mopped, and refreshed the hardwoods.  My living room is officially back to normal.  While I love the return to normal, I am kind of missing the Puppy TV channel!

The puppies are completely mixed in general population.  Mostly they run with Ella, Music and Russ…still working on Shaker and Rainbow.  Right now they are playing tug of war with their mother in the kitchen.  (I’ll try to get some pictures but it is a pretty fast paced game!)  They are spending a couple of hours a day in crates so that I can accomplish some real work.

The last puppy will move on to her forever home on Friday when Val and John make their way to Riverbend.  I can only hope it will go smoother than Nadia’s move!  I truly don’t think I can take another one like that!  Speaking of Nadia, her new mom started a blog www.legendofnadia.blogspot.com.

Tonight Olathea and I will hit our first conformation class, and tomorrow Lincoln will begin his first class.  Puppy kindergarten starts for them this Saturday and next Thurs respectively.  Looks like I am going to be busy keeping two, but I knew what I was in for and I am ready!

But the official part is…yesterday they found the dishwasher!  Now it is real, they really are Riverbend puppies!

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  1. Cardi pre-wash is an essential kitchen service!

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