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Pip seems to have been born to live up north.  He took to the ocean and rocky beaches like a veteran, and today he went to the lake.  (Now I have swam in northern lakes in July and still found them frigid, so I am impressed at his fortitude!)

He is learning much good stuff…sit, stay, touch, charming his peeps, and the like.  Good boy, Pip, you are making us proud!

Oh and for those of you who also follow us at www.cardicorgicapers.blogspot.com you will find some picks of Dinah, Rambo sister.  Dinah is being the model big sister, showing her little brother all the good ropes.  (Wish the same could be said of her sister!)

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  1. Hi Dinah, What a nice sister you are to Pip ! But really, this is the time to knock him around a bit before he grows up to be twice as big as you. Dora

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