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It’s Official…

Yesterday I broke down the living room puppy pen, rolled up the vinyl, swept, mopped, and refreshed the hardwoods.  My living room is officially back to normal.  While I love the return to normal, I am kind of missing the Puppy TV channel!

The puppies are completely mixed in general population.  Mostly they run with Ella, Music and Russ…still working on Shaker and Rainbow.  Right now they are playing tug of war with their mother in the kitchen.  (I’ll try to get some pictures but it is a pretty fast paced game!)  They are spending a couple of hours a day in crates so that I can accomplish some real work.

The last puppy will move on to her forever home on Friday when Val and John make their way to Riverbend.  I can only hope it will go smoother than Nadia’s move!  I truly don’t think I can take another one like that!  Speaking of Nadia, her new mom started a blog www.legendofnadia.blogspot.com.

Tonight Olathea and I will hit our first conformation class, and tomorrow Lincoln will begin his first class.  Puppy kindergarten starts for them this Saturday and next Thurs respectively.  Looks like I am going to be busy keeping two, but I knew what I was in for and I am ready!

But the official part is…yesterday they found the dishwasher!  Now it is real, they really are Riverbend puppies!

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What a Ride…

Hang on this one is going to be a ride…

We packed up Shaker, Ella, Rainbow, Russ and four (4) puppies (Olathea, Lincoln, Nadia (Faith) and Missy) and headed to Ohio for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Specialty.  We were gone nine (9) wonderful, fun packed days.  The kiddos played in mud, grass, water, learned to potty on leads, travel in an RV, enjoy the sights and sounds of grooming and ring side.  They also all enjoyed being loved up on by TONS of different people.  To add to the fun, they all met the most wonderful momma St. Bernard.  She laid down and let each of the kiddos approach at their own pace.  Of course, they played with other puppies and well mannered cardigans.

On Sunday, we pointed the bus toward home.  The last quarter of the trip was rainy, so I and my fellow  caravan driver were quite tired when we pulled into Riverbend.  Then the real circus began. Move this car, unhook that one, unload and reload this car, put the tow vehicle in the garage, then back the first bus into the driveway, then the second Class C.  All of this was accomplished in a matter of minutes as we were essentially blocking our entrance road!

Just as we finished this crazy round, Kate and Joel arrived to gather their new puppy…Faith now known as Nadia.  Round two…print contracts, gather food, shot records, registration papers, AVID chip info, toys, health certificate, towels…you get the picture.  We were just finishing up with instructions and answering questions, when I remembered we were drying the towel that was to go with Nadia.  I opened the dryer and smoke filled the laundry room!  SMOKE!!!!!  Bless Joel’s heart, he helped us move the dryer out so we could get it unplugged.  I walked Kate, Joel and Nadia to the car, and came back to find SMOKE still billowing out of the dryer.  Kathy called the fire department, and they wanted the RV’s out of the driveway.  Let the circus begin again, except we only got one out before the first fire truck arrived!  We live in a rural area and they arrived in about 3 mins!  WOW!!!!!!!

They pretty quickly determined that it wasn’t the dryer but the belt.  One firefighter asked if we had a big load in the dryer, to which I replied…one hand towel!  We have decided to give up on our 3 yr old Bosch dryer!  Don’t buy a Bosch!!!!!  (We went and bought another front loading only this time an  Electrolux  steam dryer last night)

So we got the Class C back in the driveway, and started, well drinking first, but dinner too!  Then the phone rang and it was Kate.  She wanted to make sure we were alright and to tell us a funny story.  As they were pulling out of our place the fire trucks were rolling in.  We have no street lights, so it was quite dark and Kate’s front right tire went off the pavement and created a loud crunch.  The car tire was completely off the ground…much swearing ensued!  The firefighters saw what happened and stopped.  Six (6) Le Claire firefighters picked up Kate’s car and put it back on the road.  YEAH for rural firefighters!!!!!   Kate reports, “Nadia slept through the whole thing!”  Good dog, Nadia! Or should I just say what she was thinking…”just another day in chaosville!”

Suffice it to say, it is a puppy send off, I will never forget, and I am sure the same is true of Kate and Joel.   Well, Nadia, it is not good bye…it is “until me meet again.”  See ya around the pond, baby girl.

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Rock-a-feller has settled in…

Rocky’s new mom reports he is confident and athletic.  She says, he happily accepts all that comes his way.  But I am most pleased to report that she says he is house broken!  Can you imagine at 9 weeks?

Well among his many outdoor chores he helps feed the chickens.  They are bigger than he is right now, but that won’t go on for long.  Glad he has gotten used to them while he is small.

I couldn’t be more pleased that Rocky is so loved and that he is bringing much joy to his new home.

Without further ado…A Rocky slide show!

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Candids from front yard play

How I do enjoy playing and teaching puppies!  We went out front today to experience concrete, different flora and fauna and learn about recalls.  (You will find the recall play in a embedded video post)  But for now a slide show of candids!

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Runaway Recalls

I suppose I really should have been finishing cleaning the house and packing for Nationals, but I decided it would be much more fun to teach “runaway recalls”. They were naturals at recalls! I know I had as much fun as they did! (And “we” experienced concrete and the front yard for the first time today!) One more note: you will see the girls but not Lincoln as I thought I was filming but alas I wasn’t…he did equally as well as the girls!

First Missy…

And now Olathea…

More Olathea…

And last but certainly not least Nadia (formerly known as Faith)

Lyla (aka Bonnie)

News from Bonnie!  Micheale and Courtney are keeping her pretty busy.  She is already walking on a leash, going to softball games, visiting grandparents…and if pictures tell a tale…confiscating the couch!  I am so pleased she is settling in and remains her confident self!

This picture of Courtney and Lyla just makes me smile to my toes!

"A good chew almost makes up for the stupid tape on my ears!", ponders Lyla.

Tired puppies are good puppies! But apparently before cashing out, she convinced Micheale and Courtney that couches are good for puppies! I wonder how long it will be before we find Lincoln and Olathea cashed out on our couch?

Pip making himself at home…

Pip spent the weekend at an agility trial, and from all reads, he was quite a hit.  Sandie has described him as confident, eager, and full of attitude. Hmmmm…anyone remember Ella at that age? It is so hard to let them go, but as soon as I heard the first stories and pictures from the airport, I knew it was going to be just fine.  I couldn’t be more pleased!  Thanks to Sandie and Don for taking such good care of my labor of love.   (I’ll post about Bonnie/Lyla soon.  She is settling in beautifully too!)











A Leash for Pip


I know I have been bad about posting, but seriously it has been very busy at Riverbend!  Between Good Friday and Easter, we sold our cottage and bid an ” until we meet again” to Rocky.

Rocky is adjusting beautifully to life as a farm dog.  He follows Linda every where carrying his “stick”.    He was a little taken aback by the rooster!  (That’s OK Rocka feller… sometimes I am taken aback by roosters too!)

Bonnie/Lyla’s ears are popping up, as are Faith/Nydia’s.  Princeton/Pip is flying North on Thurs, and Bonnie/Lyla will head north on Saturday.  Pip will be hanging out with Rainbow’s sister, Dinah, and Lyla will be hanging out with Courtney and Michaele and engaging in all manner of activities.  I am sure we will see a picture or two of her watching Courtney play softball!

Lincoln and Olathea are staying at Riverbend to grow up a bit more, and the rest of the kiddos will go home after we get back from Nationals!

Ok enough…on with the main event…a slide show of puppy play!

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It is beautiful day to play outside…

Another beautiful day at Riverbend.   I went a little Rocky heavy in the picture department, but in my defense, with him leaving on Saturday, I am picture loading for my separation!  He will be loved and cherished by Linda D., and she has promised pictures and Rocky stories to feed my soul!

Also when I took the second group out, my camera battery indicated it was too low to shot.  Drats!

But we had a big break through today.  Ever since I started taking the kiddos outside, I have been running across the yard, singing, pup, pup, pup.  Today, Pip followed me, and right behind was Rocky and Bonnie.  Good dogs!

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