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Runaway Recalls

I suppose I really should have been finishing cleaning the house and packing for Nationals, but I decided it would be much more fun to teach “runaway recalls”. They were naturals at recalls! I know I had as much fun as they did! (And “we” experienced concrete and the front yard for the first time today!) One more note: you will see the girls but not Lincoln as I thought I was filming but alas I wasn’t…he did equally as well as the girls!

First Missy…

And now Olathea…

More Olathea…

And last but certainly not least Nadia (formerly known as Faith)

Lyla (aka Bonnie)

News from Bonnie!  Micheale and Courtney are keeping her pretty busy.  She is already walking on a leash, going to softball games, visiting grandparents…and if pictures tell a tale…confiscating the couch!  I am so pleased she is settling in and remains her confident self!

This picture of Courtney and Lyla just makes me smile to my toes!

"A good chew almost makes up for the stupid tape on my ears!", ponders Lyla.

Tired puppies are good puppies! But apparently before cashing out, she convinced Micheale and Courtney that couches are good for puppies! I wonder how long it will be before we find Lincoln and Olathea cashed out on our couch?

Pip making himself at home…

Pip spent the weekend at an agility trial, and from all reads, he was quite a hit.  Sandie has described him as confident, eager, and full of attitude. Hmmmm…anyone remember Ella at that age? It is so hard to let them go, but as soon as I heard the first stories and pictures from the airport, I knew it was going to be just fine.  I couldn’t be more pleased!  Thanks to Sandie and Don for taking such good care of my labor of love.   (I’ll post about Bonnie/Lyla soon.  She is settling in beautifully too!)











A Leash for Pip


I know I have been bad about posting, but seriously it has been very busy at Riverbend!  Between Good Friday and Easter, we sold our cottage and bid an ” until we meet again” to Rocky.

Rocky is adjusting beautifully to life as a farm dog.  He follows Linda every where carrying his “stick”.    He was a little taken aback by the rooster!  (That’s OK Rocka feller… sometimes I am taken aback by roosters too!)

Bonnie/Lyla’s ears are popping up, as are Faith/Nydia’s.  Princeton/Pip is flying North on Thurs, and Bonnie/Lyla will head north on Saturday.  Pip will be hanging out with Rainbow’s sister, Dinah, and Lyla will be hanging out with Courtney and Michaele and engaging in all manner of activities.  I am sure we will see a picture or two of her watching Courtney play softball!

Lincoln and Olathea are staying at Riverbend to grow up a bit more, and the rest of the kiddos will go home after we get back from Nationals!

Ok enough…on with the main event…a slide show of puppy play!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is beautiful day to play outside…

Another beautiful day at Riverbend.   I went a little Rocky heavy in the picture department, but in my defense, with him leaving on Saturday, I am picture loading for my separation!  He will be loved and cherished by Linda D., and she has promised pictures and Rocky stories to feed my soul!

Also when I took the second group out, my camera battery indicated it was too low to shot.  Drats!

But we had a big break through today.  Ever since I started taking the kiddos outside, I have been running across the yard, singing, pup, pup, pup.  Today, Pip followed me, and right behind was Rocky and Bonnie.  Good dogs!

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A collar for Pip

Look, Mom, I am wearing a cool red collar!







"Don't worry bro, I'll get you out"




Sandie, Pip took to the collar like a fish to water.  Unfortunately, his siblings immediately turned him into a chew toy.  But the good news is, they grew tired of the “toy” quickly!