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A collar for Pip

Look, Mom, I am wearing a cool red collar!







"Don't worry bro, I'll get you out"




Sandie, Pip took to the collar like a fish to water.  Unfortunately, his siblings immediately turned him into a chew toy.  But the good news is, they grew tired of the “toy” quickly!

The puppers found the big dog bed

We put a big dog bed in the puppy pen and it was a huge hit!

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More Outdoor Play (video)

Backyard play video

When we moved in to the “country house”, it came with a lovely water feature.  Unfortunately it was located under a 100+ year old oak tree, and it is located in the dog yard.  Between the acorns clogging up the pump and the dogs using it as a race track…well we disabled the darn thing!  But the shallow pit still collects a small bit of water after a rain.  Yesterday the kids found the “pit”!  They had a wonderful time getting muddy!

More outside pictures!

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More Outside pics by Krystal

Some more great outdoor pics!

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More Visitors!

We had a wonderful visit from Missy and Chas.  What a fun weekend for the kiddos, and us!  I really appreciate all the puppy wrangling, great cheese and conversation. (Without a doubt, I can no longer take the kiddos out as a pack of 7 without help, as they are too fast, and can get into too much trouble.  So they will be going out in smaller packs and then they can all go out together when  Kathy gets home from work!)

Krystal and Jason stopped by on Saturday for some food, pictures and puppy snuggling!  We sure appreciate all the love that is showered on the kiddos!

Krystal took a ton of great pictures so there will probably be a series of slide shows!  Ok without further ado…

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A Visit From Pam

Our dear friend Pam B came for a visit that included puppy squeezing, pictures, vodka tasting, spending money, wine, food, laughs and a great catch up chat!  Here are her pictures of the puppers!  The puppers and I hope to see you again soon, Pam!


Outdoor Pictures!

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I decided it was far too nice to stay inside today, so after the big dogs hace a old fashioned cardi frap, I took the little kiddos outside for a pintsized frap.

They are definitely turning into real cardigans.  I redirected them from the hostas, moss on the retaining wall, and using the retaining wall as a balance beam.

They are learning to come to my call for “pup pup”!

Riverbend Princeton Narrows

Now I know I said I wasn’t going to make any decisions about puppies until Friday, but sometimes a girl gets to change her mind!   I am so very pleased to announce that Riverbend Princeton Narrows is heading north.  No, not a little north, but NORTH!

It is a home I know well!  A home that understands cardigans to their core.  A home that offers it all..performance, herding, and is willing to show, should the little guy merit it!  I couldn’t be more pleased to send Princeton North of the Border to live with the most wonderful family of Sandie, Don, Nell and Dinah!

I know from experience that Sandie will send photos and videos so I can watch the lil’ guy grow up!   Again I couldn’t be happier for Princeton, Sandie and Don!