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CH White Raven Come Friends

Aka Viva! settled in at Riverbend in the spring of 2016.  What a ride it has been already. We finished her CH with four (4) majors!  The first at six (6) months and one (1) day was a CWCCA supported entry under Judge Bill Shelton, and he would finish her in Ottuwa, IA with her fourth major.

Viva Amana Major winS

MN major win

3rd major dm

Viva CH picViva CH pic

So  much more to come from this amazing girl.  Her spunk, spirit, drive have earned her the coveted nickname of “the beastette.”  Her agility career will begin in earnest in the not to distant future.

I could not be more excited for what the future holds for us, and I can’t thank all the gang at White Raven enough with a special shout out of thanks to Joanna Kimball for trusting her to us.

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