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The Sire

CH Pluperfect Merrymoon Davenitch Praise Thee Well

Can that dog move or what?



Hawkeye Kennel Club June 25 2011. Ella's 3rd major expertly handled by Connie Whan

SCKC May 2010 Russ finishes his GCH under Judge Clem McGowen, expertly handled by Alec Munier.

Welcome to Riverbend Cardigans’ new blog and site.  This site will be dedicated to our conformation and performance adventures, as well as, an occassional litter of puppies.  Please stay tuned for more information about our adventures in the ring!  (And should you be interested in our at home adventures, we can be found at www.cardicorgicapers.blogspot.com)

Look for news about GCH Summit Fogybotm White Russian CGC and CH Davenitch Someone to Watch Ovr Me, and hopefully soon herding and agility news about Davenitch Make Me Rainbows!

More soon!