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Riverbend Cardigans is a small Iowa based family.  We believe first that our pack of cardigans are our companions.  They sleep in our beds, lounge on our couches, leave their toys all over the living room and the back yard is truly the dog’s yard.

We also enjoy conformation competition and you will see our kids out in the ring from time to time.  Right now we are blessed to have GCH Summit Foggybottom White Russian and CH Davenitch Someone to Watch Ovr Me FB.

We hope soon to be out in the herding and agility ring with our Davenitch Make Me Rainbows.

And least we forget our two snuggle bunnies Shaker and Music to round out our pack.

As for Kathy and I:  Kathy has been a lawyer with Deere and Co for the last 36 yrs.  Currently her practice is environmental.   I spent a good many years in social service both as a practioner and as an administrator.  But truly my love is keeping my home, practicing home arts (cooking, preserving food, quilting, knitting) and caring for my beloved dogs!  We are proudly members in good standing with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America.

On a final note about us, when we infrequently breed a litter of puppies, we have two equally competeing demands: 1) lovely temperament and 2) to strive to produce a puppy as close to the written CWCCA standard as possible.

4 Responses

  1. Very cool. I didn’t realize that you had your own kennel site and all. Way to go.

  2. What a mix of emotions reading this post. The puppies are beautiful! I am glad that Kathy did not suffer a stroke and I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Arnie. Wow! Life can throw curves balls all in one day!

    Great site, I look forward to reading more!
    stacie/(owned by a a 9 or 10 year old “rescue” male Cardi…Finley)

  3. hi,

    my name is domonique hansen of alaska, i breed and show staffordshire bull terrier with my mother. now recently turing 18 and moving out on my own to would like to pursue my dream of having a corgi.  and noticing you may have puppies available. i would like to know your puppy process. im not quite capable of paying for a 1000 dog, but if your willing for a contract or payment plan i would me more then capable to comply. i ‘m 100% sure showing a dog to its ch would be no problem there are not many cardigans  up here and are numbers are low, and we only have 18 shows a year which i attend every one.. i would love to hear for you guys for your opinion

    • Dominique, you are awfully far from me so first I would recommend trying to locate a breeder on the west coast of the states. You can find a breeders list at http://www.cardigancorgis.com. But that said, feel free to fill out my puppy application. If I approve the application, then we can arrange a phone call, and I would require a home visit from a qualified cardigan person. Additionally please include 3 references including an employer and your veterinarian .

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