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It has been about a year since O achieved her MACH, and it has been a wonderful growing year.  This year’s goal was to qualify for the National Agility Championship, and we did just that.  I have no idea what next year will bring for O and I but I am sure it will be with a smile on both of our faces.

O is happiest on the dog walk


Mom’s making up a reward poster for her favorite slide.  It says, “substantial reward for return of favorite slide.”  Then she goes on to identify a primary suspect in its disappearance. She says, “young red bridle, answers to Vivers, Vivity V, Hey Stop That, and…. Wait just a minute,  she thinks I pinched her slide!  No Way! NO WAY!!!  NO ABSOLUTE WAY!!!  Well, maybe, I’d better go look under the bed and review my stash.   She seems quite find fond of these already Ella altered slides, and she did promise a reward. See ya all later, I got some digging to do.

Just Ridiculous 

My mom took me to a room in the basement and tried to drown me again!  First she said we had to use White Lightening because I was as dirty as Ella used to get, then she used Royal Jelly.  It takes a long time to get my smell just right and she keeps screwing it up!

Then she got out this thing with a long hose that blew air and she used it in me FOREVER !  I had a lot of time to think and I’m considering using my sweeps winnings to fly back east.  Surely $12., will get me there.  Mom said terrible things to me like, “suck it up buttercup” and “really,  we are going to have to do it the hard way?”  I’m really really put out with her!

Never mind, she just gave me a big hunk of cheese and got out my favorite tug toy.  I love her….really really love her.

Ch Riverbend Olathea RN AX AXJ CGC


It’s official! There was never any doubt that Big O had the juice to pull off these titles, and so much more, but whether my bones would hold up was always a doubt! But we did it, largely because O is the most forgiving dog on the planet! A few shout outs are in order because we didn’t get here alone….first to my incredibly patient and supportive wife who has embraced each of my obsessions with grace, to my dear friend Pam Brand who has encouraged, supported and nudged, and of course, to the patient instructor who always calls it as she sees it, Laura Knoll


Linc and I just recently began agility training. His confidence is growing as is his speed! Here is his happy self at his first beginner sequencing seminar.



Last weekend, we were at the Muscatine Agility Club trial– a local trial for us.  Big O finished up her Open Agility title and banked two legs toward her Excellent Jumpers title.  I couldn’t be more pleased with my girl!


CH Riverbend Olathea NA NAJ RN CGC

Da Big O has been on a roll playing her new game– agility. Last February we began exploring this new game and it became quickly evident that this was her thing! (She was really bored doing obedience, she semi enjoyed the pace of rally, and sheep…well she sat in the shade and watched me move sheep.). But this game called agility she is focused and smiling all the time!

In four trials, she achieved both novice titles and has 2Q’s in open jumpers and 1Q in standard. I would like to thank Laura Knoll (The Knoble Dog) publicly for piloting Big O to her NAJ title and 2 Q’s toward her NA title. I racked up my knee and needed a hand to keep O in the game, and not only did Laura step in to help, O had the best time playing with someone who can really run!

Here are a few pics!